A Deputy Wardens Reflections on Prison Work

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  1. Learn How to Become a Corrections Officer: What You Need to Know
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  3. Principles of Professional Conduct
Meet the women protecting our prisons

Prison Culture. Understanding the Criminal Justice System Learn how to understand the confusing world of criminal justice. What happens when Legal System Definitions Crack the code of legal jargon. Five Stages of Incarceration Understand what new prisoners experience as they process the changes to their daily lives in a correctional setting. Needs of Female Prisoners Find out how ministry to women in prison differs from ministry to men.

Ministry Tools.

Learn How to Become a Corrections Officer: What You Need to Know

Short-Term Ministry. Supporting Prison Chaplains Learn practical, meaningful, and easy ways to support prison chaplains, who are on the frontlines Sports Outreach Ministries Bouncing balls and cheering crowds can pave the way for ministry. Young or old, male or Long-Term Ministry.

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Joining an In-Prison Ministry Discover why joining an established prison ministry team is a great way to get started volunteering. Criminogenic Needs: The Risk of Returning to Prison What makes prisoners more likely to commit another crime when they get out of prison? Preparing to Lead a Class in Prison Prepare yourself spiritually and practically before starting to teach inside prison.

Talking with Prisoners Find out how friendly conversations can have lasting impact. Praying for Prisoners Become a faithful prayer warrior lifting up the needs of prisoners and speaking blessings into their lives.

Incarcerated Women's Ministry. Frequently Asked Questions About Incarcerated Women Discover answers to common questions and concerns about incarcerated women.

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Legends and Heroes: the Tale of the Taskmaster is his first novel. As the racial and civil upheaval following the assassination of Martin Luther King tear apart the Midwestern college town of Norton Bluffs, Principal, Cassie Daniels' junior high becomes a battleground for suburban fear, university idealism, and black anger. Shaped by the integrated backwater where she grew up, Cassie must fight not only the racial and class attitudes that split her faculty, but also the idealism of her own husband in order to protect the children from that same neighborhood, whose adolescence is being consumed by the conflict.

She has published short stories as well as professional articles and co-authored a textbook on academic writing. Though purely fictional, the story arises from Judith Kirscht's experience of raising a family in Ann Arbor during the Sixties. Skip to main content.

Principles of Professional Conduct

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