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  1. The Master Ruler - Measurement | EAI Education
  2. What is RULER?
  3. RULER & Social Emotional Learning

This event presented an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

The Master Ruler - Measurement | EAI Education

The training was attended by teams from 31 schools, most often consisting of a teacher, an administrator and a school counselor. A separate 3-hour session for administrative leaders was also held by program founder Dr. Mark Brackett. Overall, over educators participated. Yale will support teams during the next school year, assuring program fidelity and addressing challenges. School based teams will participate in two full days of activities designed to teach the skills of emotional intelligence and present tools to support individual student growth and improved school climate.

RULER supports the entire school community in:.

Fellows found themselves surprised at how much time the protocols took when using an inquiry-based approach, particularly because using the perhaps unfamiliar equipment can have a steep learning curve. This brings us back to the question from the beginning of this post, which fellow Andy Zimmermann of M.

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Like a lot of things in teaching…it depends! Other teachers thought it could be valuable to do tool inquiries in the classroom in advance of an expedition, so that the inquiry that day could focus on what they actually found at the field site. And for fellows whose teaching practice already incorporated lots of outdoor time, students might have already learned how to use scientific tools in a prior unit. Even more bonus footage: gif of Robina using the sling psychrometer! Forgot Password? If you have not already registered as a teacher, click here.

What is RULER?

And, they open opportunities for us to succeed in school, at work, and beyond. In other words, emotions can help us or hinder us. When our basic needs are met and we feel safe and content, our brains have room for curiosity and motivation and are ready to learn.

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  4. These emotional states support our cognitive functions and allow us to pay attention, assimilate information, and learn. When hijacked by intense emotions, especially unpleasant ones such as anger or despair, we are disengaged, distracted, and our thoughts go to the source of our fear or pain. While this was helpful to our primitive ancestors when they were hunting a bear, or running from a snake, these emotions do not serve us when we are sitting in a classroom trying to take in information.

    RULER & Social Emotional Learning

    Emotions also affect the teaching-learning process. When educators stand before students, they hope to hold their attention, engage them to participate, and provide content they can remember and can apply on a test and, perhaps, in life.

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    Students pay attention to what they care about. One of our goals as educators is to create content and present it in ways that matter to students. Skilled educators leverage the emotions they and their students are experiencing to enhance learning, including deliberately shifting mood as appropriate.

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    One aspect of RULER that differentiates it from other school-based initiatives is that it focuses first on developing adults in the school, both personally and professionally, so they can be role models and knowledgeable implementers of the skill-based instruction for students.

    When both the students and the adults in a school develop their emotional intelligence, they contribute to a positive school climate for everyone in the community.