Creative Evolution

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  1. Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson
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Streetwear Took Over the Fashion Industry.

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Now What? How To Engineer a Media Moment.

Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson

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Article topic Podcast. We see that the intellect, so skillful in dealing with the inert, is awkward the moment it touches the living. Whether it wants to treat the life of the body or the life of the mind, it proceeds with the rigor, the stiffness and the brutality of an instrument not designed for such use.

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Instinct, on the contrary, is molded on the very form of life. While intelligence treats everything mechanically, instinct proceeds, so to speak, organically.

Creative evolution - Wikipedia

If the consciousness that slumbers in it should awake, if it were wound up into knowledge instead of being wound off into action, if we could ask and it could reply, it would give up to us the most intimate secrets of life. For it only carries out further the work by which life organizes matter—so that we cannot say, as has often been shown, where organization ends and where instinct begins.

Creative Evolution

When the little chick is breaking its shell with a peck of its beak, it is acting by instinct, and yet it does but carry on the movement which has borne it through embryonic life. Inversely, in the course of embryonic life itself especially when the embryo lives freely in the form of a larva , many of the acts accomplished must be referred to instinct. The most essential of the primary instincts are really, therefore, vital processes.

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  6. The potential consciousness that accompanies them is generally actualized only at the outset of the act, and leaves the rest of the process to go on by itself. It would only have to expand more widely, and then dive into its own depth completely, to be one with the generative force of life. It is impossible for intelligence to reabsorb instinct.

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    That which is instinctive in instinct cannot be expressed in terms of intelligence, nor, consequently, can it be analyzed. A man born blind, who had lived among others born blind, could not be made to believe in the possibility of perceiving a distant object without first perceiving all the objects in between.