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Jarrett J. He also has 6 volumes so far in the "Lunch Lady" graphic novel series. You may remember we Bookie Woogie'd the first couple of Lunch Lady books here. After focusing on his graphic novels for a few years, Jarrett is back with a new picture book called "Ollie the Purple Elephant," which hits stores this week. The kids and I recently had a great time chatting over Skype with Jarrett about his work. Thanks Jarrett! The McLaughlin family finds him. So they took him home. I mean, can we HAVE something?

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He is very, very, very loud. But he comes back for a happy ending. Ollie could have tattled. I guess Ollie is so nice and lovey that he thought, "I'll let it slide. His other books are painted looser and more carefree. My favorite picture is of Ollie in a tutu. Because -- a giant purple elephant in a tutu? That just makes everybody smile. It has more words. Krosoczka -- I love that last name! I'm wondering why he didn't make the lion and the monkey strange colors.

Ollie is the only one that is a strange color. And now for the interview! But it's nice to finally be able to chat face to face! What's your middle name? You always put it as "J. Jarret J. It's a family name. It goes back to my great-grandfather, and I'm sure beyond that as well. I was wondering about that. They adopted me when I was about 3 years old. So they WERE my parents. It was only fair to dedicate the first book to them, because they worked really hard on raising me.

At all! I was like, What? We were just looking at your picture books. I started painting that book when we started dating.

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And by the time I was finishing up the art for that book it was pretty clear she was going to end up being my wife, so I painted her on the airplane. She's the one listening to the ipod. Your Ollie book is dedicated to your little girl Zoe. And in the book there's a monkey named Zoe. I named the monkey that before I even knew I would end up with a Zoe. Did she help you?

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Or watch you work? I came up with the idea for Ollie when my wife and I were on the flight home from our honeymoon. I started writing the book shortly after. I was designing the characters when Zoe was in her mother's belly. And just as my wife was about to give birth, my publisher picked up the story. I easy got into the story and was very curious about both the Fiend and Lucy. My heart did break for her and all that she goes through.

Maya and Collin are a great couple and amateur sleuths. This story has a great paranormal twist to keep it interesting along with great mystery that had me guessing until the end.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review. Have I come at a bad time? Where was Burt? The roughy was supposed to keep cretins away. May Day always brought a good take for the circus, but seedy folk showed up right along with the local farmers. Sodbusters, she could handle. Rubes in colors as drab as the earth they plowed, slow and simple as mules. Fancy frock coat, weathered face, hair and eyes as black as the coal her brothers dug from the Blind Boy Mine. Charmed, she shoved a curtain of black hair from her shoulder and eyed him openly.

She clamped her mouth shut. Even soaring through the air, the ground a death trap below, she remained in control. But this man threw her off balance with his bold comments. Dumb slug. Every time her pap cuffed her and called her Hades-spawned. When she was twelve, a preacher slathered her in whitewash while her pap watched stonily and her ma prayed for her deliverance.

It must be gratifying to go from backwater town to backwater town, eking out a meager existence. The barbs women toss behind your back, labeling you devil-witch and daughter of demons? Lucy stiffened. Pious folk were the worst. Hiding behind crosses and Bibles, as if the Good Lord loved her any less because of her appearance.

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Chavis and Lucy B. The funeral will be held 2 pm. Burial will follow in the Bear Swamp Church Cemetery.

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She was a caring and light-hearted family matriarch. She was strong-willed and instilled a sense of great pride and devotion to family within her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Davis leaves behind, her son, Fred A. Whitman Sr. Whitman Jr. The funeral will be 2 p. Zion Holiness Church in St. Burial will be in the church cemetery. A memorial will be 3 p. Brian Lee officiating.

Grantham of Red Springs and Barbara W. Neblett of Richmond, Va.

The visitation will be from 2 to 3 p. Louis Capers Jr. The funeral will be 1 p. Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo! The Too Little Fire Engine. Jane Flory. The Curious Adventures of the Abandoned Toys. Julian Fellowes. Pom Pom the Podgy Bear. Sandra Christina Shaw. Room Enough for Daisy Read-Along.