Metaphysik und Esoterik im Überblick (German Edition)

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  1. von Alois Payer
  2. (PDF) Trübsal des Schicksals? [MA-Thesis, full text, in German] | Edgar Leitan -
  3. Frithjof Schuon (1907–1998)
  4. Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften

The history of mid-2nd millennium Babylonia is marked by a dire lack of sources. The Sealand kings who controlled part of it were long known to us only indirectly, but a recently published palatial archive now illuminates this elusive polity from the inside. A study of this archive and a reassessment of historiographic sources shape this full exploration of the political, economic, and religious history of the First Sealand Dynasty. This book is an investigation of the administrative organization of the Hittite state throughout its history c.

von Alois Payer

It is comprised of a prosopographical study of all known Hittite high officials and a theoretical analysis of the Hittite administration in respect to various factors. Prosopography, Governance. For ancient cuneiform scribes, translation was a means of demonstrating their aptitude with the main focus of their discipline, the cuneiform writing system, resulting in translation practices that are foreign to typical western concepts of translation.

This project explores the social worlds which cultivated translation practices in ancient Babylonia—the field of scholarship. Framing messages into narrative shapes has served as a legitimating strategy of ancient and modern potentates. In the Ancient Near East, these narratives took the form of both texts and images, media that found constant application in the in the creation and affirmation of identity and royalty.

The volume reflects upon both from a transdisciplinary and transmedial point of view, joining scholars from Archaeology as well as Assyriology. Collection, English, German, 4th quarter The volume contains a critical review of data, results and open problems concerning the principal Greek and Coptic majuscule bookhands, based on previous research of the author, revised and updated to offer an overview of the different graphic phenomena. Although the various chapters address the history of different types of scripts, their juxtaposition allows us to identify common issues of the comparative method of palaeography.

Majuscule scripts; palaeography; dating of manuscripts. Monograph, English, 3rd quarter Series Studies in Manuscript Cultures 15 Approx. The discovery of Hebrew manuscripts of Ben Sira in the Cairo Genizah transformed the interpretation of the book. Since their discovery attention has been directed on the interpretation of the ancient book, but this volume gives serious consideration to the Hebrew manuscripts themselves.

It examines the early discoveries, the codicology and reception of the manuscripts, and the light they throw on the Hebrew language and poetic techniques. This volume is the first English edition of the Nineveh Series on eye disease from the royal library of Ashurbanipal, 7th century BC.

(PDF) Trübsal des Schicksals? [MA-Thesis, full text, in German] | Edgar Leitan -

It is the longest surviving ancient work on opthalmology, anticipating by centuries the Hippocratic treatise on the eye. The Nineveh series represents a systematic array of eye symptoms and therapies, also showing commonalities with Egyptian and Greco-Roman medicine.

This volume offers new editions of the major firstmillennium technical compendia concerned with gastrointestinal disease in ancient Mesopotamia, including the standard therapeutic subcorpus from the Royal Library of Assurbanipal as well as other related compendia that focus on ghost-induced illness and treatments for diarrhea. Three millennia ago these handbooks were assembled from symptom descriptions, recipes and incantations. Cale Johnson and Markham J. Geller, Free University Berlin, Germany.

Edition, English, Other Languages, 1st quarter A critical edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch is one of the most urgent desiderata of Hebrew Bible research. The present volume on Leviticus is the first out of a series of five meant to fill this gap.

The text from the oldest mss. Pentateuch; Samaritans; Textual Criticism; Hebrew. Edition, English, Hebrew, 2nd quarter This collection of 24 essays reflects broader trends of research on Ben Sira in the past two decades.

Incubator No° 7 #2 Oswald Spengler - Metaphysik & Geschichte

The author is not only concerned with the complex textual problems of the book, but also with what light may be shed on it by the application of approaches from cultural and feminist studies. She examines, for example, the gender theamtic, the usage of metaphorical language, and the issue of scent and fragrance in the text of Ben Sira.

Ben Sira; wisdom; imagery; women. The manuscripts from Qumran and other sites offer unique insight into the Hebrew and Aramaic languages during the period of the Second Temple. For the first time, in the tradition of classical lexicology, this philological dictionary develops a non-Biblical lexicon from these sources plus the Dead Sea scrolls and Cairo Geniza manuscripts , while also placing it in the context of the history of the Hebraic and Aramaic languages. Qumran; Second Temple; Hebrew. Reinhard G. This Festschrift honors Professor Choon Leong Seow with essays by twenty-three senior scholars on wisdom and wisdom literature in the Bible and the ancient Near East.

Particular attention is devoted to the inner workings of the process of textual development itself and how it has shaped the development of this literature and the language that it used. Scott C. The volume presents 20 articles of renowned European scholars on human leadership in the Hebrew Bible. It contributes to biblical theology as well as to the complex interplay between history of ancient Israel and literary history of the Hebrew Bible. The study spotlights the importance of ethical discourse on icons in the Book of Wisdom. Using structural, semantic, and topological analyses, it shows that parenesis about false and true images of God is an overarching theme, and contextualizes it in terms of tradition and cultural history.

The text makes a unique contribution to the ancient debate on images by positing that they fulfill the imago dei invested in human beings. Ehud Ben Zvi has been at the forefront of exploring how the study of social memory contributes to our understanding of the intellectual world of the literati of the early Second Temple period and their textual repertoire. Many of his studies on the matter and several new relevant works are here collected together providing a very useful resource for furthering research and teaching in this area.

Collection, English, Hebrew, 4th quarter This monograph is devoted to the study of those passages of the Book of Amos considered as subsequently added. The first two chapters focus on the history of their exegesis starting from the 19th century. The next three chapters aim to demonstrate that the passages often attributed to subsequent drafts do not undermine the coherence of the book; instead, they are essential for its literary and theological equilibrium.

Monograph, French, 2nd quarter Wissenschaft Ca. Who conquered Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom? When did it happen? The character of the list of returnees in Ezra 2 has been a subject of ongoing scholarly controversy. This study offers a thorough examination of the list in terms of form and content and of its placement and function in the narrative context of Ezra 1—3. The list itself gives insight to the continuities and discontinuities in the construction of post-Exile Jewish identity. The book presents a fresh analysis of Josh 24 and related texts as a test case for refining our knowledge of how scribes edited texts.

Josh 24 is envisioned as a gradually growing Persian period text, whose editorial history can be reconstructed with the help of documented evidence preserved in the MT, LXX, and other ancient sources. Joshua 24; Textual criticism; Redaction criticism; Septuagint. This is the first verse-by-verse commentary on 4 Baruch, a neglected work of disputed origin, composed not long after the common era. This study attempts to place it within its Jewish and Christian contexts and thereby contribute to our knowledge of early Judaism and Christianity.

Dale C.

Synonyms and antonyms of Esoterik in the German dictionary of synonyms

Allison, Jr. This volume brings together a lively set of papers from the first session of the Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature program unit of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Together with a few later contributions, these essays explore a number of thematic and textual issues as they trace the reception history of the Book of Isaiah in Deuterocanonical and cognate literature.

Ellens, University of Michigan, I.

Frithjof Schuon (1907–1998)

Oliver, Bradley University, J. Monograph, English, Italian, 4th quarter Ben Sira, Priesthood, Ancient Hebrew poetry. The starting point for any study of the Bible is the Masoretic Text, as designed by the Masoretes, which succeeded in creating a permanent text that was preserved throughout the generations in distant lands.

Monograph, English, Hebrew, 1st quarter This booklet considers both pre- and post German-speaking scholarship on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It shows that study of the Scrolls was part of the German tradition of the study of antiquity. It stresses German contributions to the provision of study resources, the techniques of manuscript reconstruction, the analysis of the scrolls in relation to the New Testament and Early Judaism, as well as the popularization of scholarship.

Julius-Wellhausen-Vorlesung Approx. Der Tawagalawa-Brief Nach F. Sommers eindrucksvoller Textedition von haben nun sechs Forscher aus verschiedenen Disziplinen eine Neubearbeitung nach heutigem Forschungsstand erstellt. Hethiter; Piyamaradu; Ahhiawafrage; Diplomatie. Dedicated to the Galatian crisis, the book combines socio-rhetorical analysis with methods drawn from cultural anthropology.

Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften

In the Gospel of his opponents, Paul identifies an anthropological problem: the culture of honor. Galatians; Paul; Anthropology; Honor and Shame. Das Werk Ulrich B. Jesus von Nazareth; Paulus; Johannesevangelium;. The Tawagalawa Letter 13th century BCE is the most important source on diplomatic contacts between the Hittite Empire in Asia Minor and the land of Ahhiyawa, whose location and population Mycenae versus Asia Minor used to be a matter of great contention.

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Based F. Ulrich B. This compilation of essays written between and by the New Testament scholar is published in honor of his 80th birthday. The first part includes studies on the historical Jesus and his self-understanding, followed by essays on the theological lines of development of early Christianity.

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Die vorliegende Studie untersucht die Aussagen dahingehend und zeigt, dass hier Ethik und Anthropologie planvoll aufeinander bezogen sind. Is the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs merely a set of ethical instructions, or are there overarching perspectives that unite them? What is the role of the unusual number of anthropological statements and how do they relate to the ethics of the text? This study carefully examines the testaments to show that here, ethics and anthropology are deliberately interconnected.

Anthropology; ethics; early Judaism.